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Arbalete Fast

FUCILI, Fusti, Access/Ricambi
Arbalete CHEROKEE FAST CON MULINELLO (sagola venduta separatamente)
Anticorodal black frame with integrated spear guide, grip made of engineering plastic reinforced with glass fibre, high or low soft sternal
support. Composite material release mechanism with trigger, release tooth and lateral guide line release obtained from the base. The shock
absorber makes silent the release of the shaft. Reversible side-safety mechanism. Reinforced reel with steel pin buckle. Head for double
elastic with magnetic spear lock: as soon as the spear is put in place, it is held by two magnets mounted in a watertight chamber. This
characteristic guarantees maximum speed of reset without the disadvantages of conventional mechanical restraint systems.
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169.60 €(IVA incl.)
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